Sunday, January 31, 2010

Misty has a fabulous new mini kit coming out at both Gingerscraps and Stuff to Scrap this week. I am letting you in on a Sneak Peak!

Here's my final result of January's progressive scrap at Gingerscraps. It is also my 21st layout of the year.

Let it Snow-Flake, Misty O'Brien

Stop by later this week. I have TWO qp blog trains that I'm going to have goodies for!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I was actually on Facebook at just the right time and won an opportunity to use one of Bethany's word art packs for FREE if I created a layout. Well, why not use Misty's new kit? So here's what I did with it:

Word art by Bethany
Kit: Everyday Happenings, Misty O'Brien and Spinky Dink Scraps

#19, My first no-pic layout and Misty's new kit!!!

Misty is releasing a new kit tomorrow called "Everyday Happenings". It's a fabulous kit that is supposed to support all of your p365 needs! Even though I have decided not to participate in p365, it is still a fabulous kit. It works for all kinds of pages.

Here's the preview:

There is also a coordinating set of glitter styles.

This kit is a collaboration between Misty and Spinky Dink Scraps. It is on sale for 20% off this week at both Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps.

Here's the 19th layout I've done of this year and it's the very first layout I've ever done without any pictures.

Don't forget to become Misty's Fan on Facebook!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Cute subject, good idea, poor execution.

I used Manda's Flower Funk. You can't buy this kit, but you can buy her other kits at ESS.

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is the last of the seven layouts that I had to do for the Enchanted Studio Scraps scrap-a-thon. I'm drained and ready to play without some rules. However, I actually like what this last one turned out like. I used Manda's "I Heart You".  Here's the preview.

You can pick it up here.

Word Art: Robyn Pali
Kit: I heart you, Manda's Scrappin' Creations
Font: Pea Bandit


Well, #16 is not my favorite layout ever. I don't do a lot of scrap lifts and this was the challenge that I had to complete. The layout that I had to lift was amazing and anything that I did would not have been nearly as great. So here is what I came up with. I only have one more layout for this scrap-a-thon at Enchanted Scraps Studio. I used Manda's kit called Tropical Summer. It was perfect for my beach pics. I just don't like the arrangement.

Here's the preview of the kit that I used. You can buy her other kits here.

Kit: Tropical Summer, Manda's Scrappin' Creations
Font: sf Fill It In

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I think I'm just going to title my layout posts with the number that they are for me in 2010.  Another challenge. This time I used A+ Designs and Danimoy's collab Funky Christmas. I can't even remember why I got this one, I think I won it or it was a ss prize or something. I love the kit and used it for my Christmas cards this year. So here it is.

Kit: Funky Christmas, A+ Designs and Danimoy
(Sparkles and presents from A+, everything else from Danimoy)
Font: Pea Squeaker

This one won't ever go into an album, but it was fun to play with.


Here's the next in the Enchanted Studio Scraps Scrap-a-thon. I'm limited to using ESS designer kits. It's a good thing I have been a stalker of Manda for a long time! LOL. I have all of her kits already downloaded to play with. So, today I used Liberty. It's not in her store, but you can check her other stuff out here.

Here's the preview of the kit:

And here's my latest layout.

kit: Liberty, Manda's Scrappin' Creations
mask: Cinzia Photomask
Font: Pea Nic Script

Lucky 13!

I did the lucky 13th layout this year last night but I was too tired to post here. I was working with a mini kit for an Enchanted Studio Scraps challenge and I came up with Elegant:

Kit: Elegance, Chris Grieser

Stay tuned for another tonight I'm sure!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

#12 for 2010!

Wow, I just finished the 12th layout since 2010 started. Crazy. I'm trying to do all of the Scrap-a-thon challenges and have completed 2. Only 5 more to go! I'll have plenty of time the next few days to work on some more. Here's the one I did tonight. I needed a new subject so I created one with my hubby and me. He HATES getting pictures taken of him so I never have any to scrap. Well, he's not going to like it, but here's one with him. I used Manda's Scrappin' Creations "i heart you".

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Layout Today???

I did a speed scrap this evening. I wouldn't have thought that after parent-teacher conferences last night that I would have the energy or the creativity. It's not my fav, but still pretty fun. I'm still playing with that technique that I learned from C.W. Picket and Co. the other day. I love it!

Kit: Fresh Picked, C.W. Picket and Company

Manda's New Kit!

Manda's Scrappin' Creations has a new kit out called "Cookie Monster". You can buy it at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I did two different layouts with it. One was a challenge at ESS for their scrap-a-thon.

Here's the preview of the kit:

Here are my layouts:

Kit: Cookie Monster, Manda's Scrappin' Creations
Font: Pea Mique Bold, sf Fill Me In

Kit: Cookie Monster, Manda's Scrappin' Designs
Tag: Romantic Fantasy Collab, Luiza Garay
Font: Pea So Lovely

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Speed Scrap at Stuff to Scrap

I participated in the speed scrap at Stuff to Scrap tonight. I had a great time until my stupid computer crashed. And did I save my original? Of course not because it takes too long to save. So...I had to redo. I'm so tired it sucked. However, I am totally in love with the photo treatment. You can see the tutorial here at C.W. Picket and Company blog. I used Manda's October Night for this one.

Another new CT!

I just joined Manda's Scrappin' Creations and couldn't wait to start playing with her kits! Here is what I created with her kit i heart you.

It's on sale right now for only $2.99!!! Woot!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Princess Wishes-A New Kit by C.W. Picket!!!!

C.W. Picket and Company has a brand new kit coming out tomorrow at Stuff to Scrap! It is a super cute kit that can be used for all of your girly photos. Here is the preview of the kit:

There is also a matching alphabet which is also the participation prize at the speed scrap tomorrow at Stuff to Scrap!!!

Here's the layout that I did with the new kit!

The first Halloween layout

I'm sure that there will be more than just this one Halloween layout for this past year, but this is a start! I did this last night sitting on the couch watching Emma play. It was great.

Boo to You, Growing Pains Scrapped
Font: sf Dana

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Scrapped

I decided today that I would try to conquer our trip to the pumpkin patch. I still haven't scrapped Halloween yet, but I felt like this was a little easier to start. There are so many Halloween pics! I may try to do that next. Maybe not.

Anyway, I started this by participating in the Stuff to Scrap "Recipe Challenge". They give you the "ingredients" that have to be in the layout and you come up with the layout. Here's what I came up with...

Oktoberfest Collaboration, Inspiration Lane Designers
Font: Pea Theresa
Recipe: Stuff to Scrap January Challenge

After completing that one, I thought that I better finish the rest of the "event". So I came up with this layout next. It's missing something. I just haven't figured out what and I probably will just leave it and move on.

Oktoberfest Collaboration, Inspiration Lane Designers
Font: Pea Quinny

If anyone is interested, I would be more than happy to make a quick page out of the second one. Just leave a message and I will send it to you. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Speed Scrap from last night!

I participated in a speed scrap last night and decided to scrap my adventure in the snow with Emma. Here's the page I created:

I used the kit Is It Spring Yet? Collab from the Gingerscraps Designers

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A CT Call and New Glitter Style from Misty O'Brien!

Misty is having a CT Call! You should check it out if you are a scrapper. She's great to work with!

She also has some new glitter styles that are CU OK that will be coming out tomorrow at Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps.

New CT!

I have been accepted as a "part-time CT" for C.W. Picket. She's a great designer who has a store at Stuff to Scrap. I couldn't wait to use her stuff so she so graciously let me choose a kit to play with. I have created one of my FAVORITE layouts. I just fell in love with it almost immediately. I love the combination of pink and green and always have.'s the layout that I created. I hope this means the mojo is back. Even my husband really liked this one blurry pics and all!

Fresh Picked, C.W. Picket
Font: Pea MisStaker